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Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters' Society

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Radio Ham operators on digital mode may access the following BBS stations to read/write bulletins or forward message:

BBS Station Location Frequency MHz Mode Daily Operating times
9M2FK P. Pinang 144.600 Packet 1200 Temporarily Inactive
9M2MD Kuala Lumpur 145.200 Packet 1200 Active
9M2MD Kuala Lumpur 7.027 LSB Packet 300 Temporarily Inactive
9M2DD Kuala Lumpur 7.030 Mark Pactor Temporarily Inactive
9M2DD Kuala Lumpur 14.0740 Pactor Temporarily Inactive
9M2MW-7 P. Pinang 14.0710 Mark Pact vhf gateway **
9M2MW-3 P. Pinang 144.600 Packet 0900-1400 UTC
9M2MW P. Pinang 14.1111 LSB Packet 300 **

* No forwarding at the moment, but satellite gateway is envisaged.

** This is a VHF/HF Gateway set up on trial basis with no specific time schedule. Stations coming in on HF may connect to 9M2MW-3 or any other linked VHF stations. Use "Mh" or "J" command to check for linked stations. Stations coming in on VHF will be told to change port and subsequently will be told of the operating HF mode. Case Packet enables users to connect to DU9EW while Pactor enables users to connect to VK6TN and VK3WZ BBS's.

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Last updated on Sept 1998