posted by Secretary on December 15, 2000
from the MARTS Council
MARTS Council proposed that the MARTS Annual General Meeting will be held on 25th February, 2001. The venue will be at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi.

posted by Kamal 9M2FX on September 21, 2000
News Just to inform that the grand old man 9M2DW passed away peacefully yesterday evening around 7.15 pm and will be buried at the Muslim cementary, Bakri, Muar before 11 am this morning.

posted by Bessie 9W2CP on Friday May 02,2000
News Bessie Cheah writes " EULOGY FOR 9M2JL , ONG CHOO LYE


Pak Ong of Jalan 223 Tok Penghulu (local headman).

To each and every one of us, Ong had played many roles. Ong had touched our lives in his own special ways. He had left his mark and we are now coming to terms with our sorrow and loss. We will strive to preserve your legacy and honor your memory, Ong.

I am privileged to be able to call Ong, my mentor and be counted as one of his friends. Ong was one of my `three knights" who came to setup my radio station on the memorable 1st January 1999. What a New Year's Day! I am a lucky and proud owner of a personally handcrafted antenna made by the late 9M2JL. When the antenna was put up on top of my roof, the joke of the day was, should the roof collapse, the antenna would still remain intact. 9M2JL designed the bracket holding the antenna so solid and strong, it would last a lifetime. Believe you me, Ong had given me lessons on DIY like how to solder a dry joint and to assemble an antenna. A simple tasks no doubt to those who do know how. But from this novice, the care and detailed execution of a simple task spoke well of the teacher, from the quality of the end product and its performance.

Regardless of whether YL or OM, the basics got to be learned and practised. According to Ong, an amateur radio ham operator comes in many shapes and sizes but there is no gender differentiation. I have high respect, regards and gratitude to Pak Ong for showing me the ropes of ham radio operation. No easy tasks for a YL in an OM's strong hold.

Ong never once begrudged our differences of styles or opinions. And through it all, and above all, Ong was our friend, mentor, and teacher. Ong was a dedicated ham operator. His commitment to MARTS was well known and acknowledged. Ong had risked his life climbing the heights to repair repeaters. His scars would tell the story. Ong could be counted on to come to the rescue, to lend a hand, a sympathetic ear, to provide a strong shoulder to lean on. Ong shared so much and gave so much to the end.

Ong had been generous to a fault, sharing his knowledge, advice and experiences. I believe, Ong had contributed and always had spare time and energy for our fellow HAMS seeking his guidance, support and assistance. His technical know-how helped us to trouble shoot problematic rigs. His expertise in homebrewed equipment and antennas helped us to make our own. The wisdom and understanding expounded by Ong was like the wise old man on the hill, in this case the RTM hill where Ong and his colleagues were custodians of numerous gigantic satellite discs.

I will miss the morning QSOs with the late 9M2JL. His vivid description of nature coming alive, the morning sun breaking through, the birds chirping in the forest and squirrels scampering down the trees from the vantage point of his saltmine, the RTM hill, were the high points in my morning drive to my own saltmine.

Ong was also noted as an entertaining conversationalist, throwing his jokes with a straight face. I truly enjoyed our eyeball QSOs when he reminisced on his poignant life experiences.

Ong's indomitable sense of perseverance, resilience and unbreakable spirit boils down to him being strong-willed. Some might call it plain stubbornness, but this had stood him in good stead many times, when it really counted. He had to overcome numerous complications arising from his diabetic conditions, one after another during the last six months of his life. I admired his tenacity, the will to confront and overcome the odds, in spite of the pain and sufferings. There were lessons to be learnt here. He was fighting for his LIFE. But God had better plans for Ong.

Farewell, my friend, we will always remember you, for having shown the way. You will be dearly and sorely missed.

He did it his way as in " My Way " the song sung by Frank Sinatra.

Vaya Con Dios, Ongsan
God Be With You Always.
You live on forever in our hearts!"

From: 9W2CP(Bessie Cheah)
in collaboration with 9M2PA (Lay Suan) and 9M266215 (Neela)

posted by Secretary on December 15, 2000
from the MARTS Council
News MARTS Council proposed that the MARTS Annual General Meeting will be held on 25th February, 2001. The venue will be at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi.

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